‘My son started to scream. This angel came to the back and said, ‘You look like you need a break,’ and held him for the rest of the flight.’: Struggling mom thanks strangers for act of kindness

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“I thought it was a good idea to fly by myself with a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old. Wrong.

We were standing in the security line, on the verge of tears because Wyatt was screaming, and James was exhausted. Out of the blue, one mom stops the line for security and says, ‘Here, jump in front of me. I know how it is.’

Wyatt fell asleep and I was trying to carry everyone’s carry-on when another mom jumps out of her place in line and says, ‘Hand me everything, I’ve got it.’

When I said thank you to both of them, they said, ‘Don’t you worry, we’re going to make sure you get on this flight.’

The second woman takes everything and helps me get it through security and, on top of all that, she grabs all of it and walks us to the gate to make sure we get on the flight.

To top it all off, Wyatt starts to scream at take off before he finally falls back to sleep. After about 45 min, this angel comes to the back and says, ‘You look like you need a break,’ and holds Wyatt for the rest of the flight, walks him all the way to baggage claim, hands him to my husband Blake, hugs me and says, ‘Merry Christmas!!’

We were on our way home from Disney World when 3 amazing women stepped up and helped me out. What if everyone paid it forward like this? I’m forever grateful for their kindness.”

Woman sitting on airplane with little boy in her lap whose mother is overwhelmed flying with her kids
Becca Kinsey

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