Someday, You’ll Watch Your Wife Become The Woman She Was Meant To Be

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“It might seem far away now but someday you’ll settle down with a girl.

The one who just wants to be loved by a boy.

She’ll have her own job and earn her own money.

She’ll have her own friends, her own car, her own family and her own independence.

You’ll fall in love and you’ll watch her in action.

When someone treats her bad she’ll put them in their place.

When they treat you bad she’ll stand by your side and tell them it’s not okay.

She’ll lose close friends or family as her life goes on and she won’t look back because she chose you.

One day she’ll get pregnant and you’ll watch her body change.

She’ll be sick in the morning and still make it to work on time and nobody will have ever known.

She’ll change her style to feel comfortable and flattered again.

Her entire wardrobe will change.

It’ll be a little less fashion and a little more practical.

She’ll get different make-up and hair products to save money and she’ll work until the point where the discomfort is too much to handle.

She’ll want to start getting stroller and cribs long before you’ve thought about it and she’ll go into nesting mode before she gets too far along.

She’ll be lucky if she gets a few weeks off work before the due date just, so she can restlessly fight with a giant pillow, and soon enough you’ll race her to the hospital and watch her give birth.

You’ll see her become the woman she was always supposed to be.

You’ll ask yourself how she can hold a baby and smile only seconds after that pain.

You’ll take them home and you’ll see her nurse.

You’ll watch her instincts kick in as she fights with the doctor or nurse because she knows her baby better than they do.

And she’ll be right every time.

She’ll make sure your family survives no matter what your income is, and you’ll watch as your kids never ever have to go without.

You’ll try to fathom how the teenager you fell for all those years ago managed to become the fiercest woman you know.

And at that moment… you’ll forget how much she still needs you; your reassurance; your backup; how sensitive she still is and how she might still be battling the same insecurities she always did; and how easily you can still cut her right down to the core with a few words.

Just try to remember that no matter how tough she gets; she’ll always be that girl who just wants to feel loved by a boy.

And that will make everything easier.

Don’t let her toughness fool you!”

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Courtesy of DadMum

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