This Empty, Unused Room Was Supposed To Be Your Nursery

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“This was supposed to be your room…

This room that continues to remain empty and unused was supposed to be your nursery.

These plain walls were supposed to be lined with your books and toys – instead, they stand completely bare.

The closet was supposed to be filled from top to bottom with your baby clothes – for now, it holds nothing.

There was supposed to be a crib and a rocking chair next to the windows – yet all there is, is a bed that is never been slept in.

Every day I walk past this room, I am reminded once more you aren’t here with us, and every time I find myself standing in here alone, just like this room, my heart feels completely empty.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. This room was not meant to be left unused. From the moment we bought this house, I knew this was going to be your room.

It was going to be the room we got to decorate together, in preparation for your arrival into this world. We have had so many plans for it, but yet we haven’t been able to do any of them.

I have spent countless hours just picturing exactly how I want this room to be for you. Looking at endless Pinterest boards, drawing inspiration from the world around me, thinking about what color to paint the walls – yet these all just remain thoughts in my head, because you aren’t here with us.

I don’t know when the day will finally come. When this room is no longer empty and my heart doesn’t feel so incomplete.

No matter what happens, this room will continue to be yours until you decide you’re ready to come into this world. I promise.”

woman battling infertility sitting in a room meant to be the nursery room for her long-wanted baby with a sign on the floor that says "This was supposed to be your room"
Courtesy of Mackenzie Eckinger

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