‘This is my second wedding dress. My second bouquet. I’m not ashamed. Truth is, divorce gave me my life back.’: Woman gets ‘second chance at love,’ admits second wedding is ‘more of a marriage than the first’

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“This was my second wedding dress.

This was my second wedding bouquet.

This was my second wedding.

I don’t talk about the first one often. Never actually. If people ask me, I don’t lie but it’s just not something that comes up.

Courtesy of Celeste Yvonne

The truth is that was a lifetime ago. The truth is everything has changed. The truth is divorce gave me my life back. And I’m grateful for that.

A second marriage is no less of a marriage. In fact, for me it was even more of one.

For me it was a second chance at life. A second chance at love.

I’m not ashamed. I honor my past because it got me here. It led to where I am right here right now. With a marriage and family I’ve always dreamed of. With gratitude and wisdom. With hindsight.

Were there deep valleys in my journey? Absolutely. There were months I struggled to get out of bed. There was pain and suffering. Rage. So much rage.

But time heals. And slowly, steadily, I got back on my feet. Redemption. The chance to start over.

This was my second wedding dress but this heart? It’s renewed. It’s metamorphosized like a butterfly from its cocoon.

I got a second chance at love, and thank God for second chances.

My second wedding dress? It represents redemption.”

Courtesy of Celeste Yvonne

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