‘This is what happens when you see your baby’s head pop out and go back in’

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“This is what happens when you see your baby’s head pop out! I was frozen. Here’s the picture to prove it!

The day before we had Sa’myah we were at church; Tiarra didn’t know she was in labor. She kept telling my mother she just didn’t feel right. In reality, she was in labor! We went about our day as if it was a normal Sunday.

Later that night her mucous plug came out (which also freaked me out) But, we didn’t want to go to the hospital only to be sent home. We didn’t want to be told, ‘Come back in a few hours because you are not ready yet.’ We told ourselves to wait a bit longer before going to the hospital.

Early that Monday morning before I went to work she said she didn’t feel well. But, I was half way out the door. As soon as I clocked in, two minutes later I received a phone call from Tiarra. Her water had broken, and she needed me at the hospital.

She was only in labor for 9 minutes! While I was supporting my lady and trying to keep her calm my mother was taking pictures. The best picture is when she caught me in shock when I saw the baby’s head pop out and then go back in.

Father looks terrified while watching his wife give birth
Steve Mason

After the birth my mom showed me some of the pictures she had taken. When we came to the one with my eyes wide open, the nurse saw the picture and said, ‘Post this!’

We are doing fine now as a family.  Sa’myah is very healthy, moving, and very active!”

Man smiles down at his newborn daughter in the hospital
Steve Mason

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