‘Today, I made coffee that tasted exactly like my mom’s.’: Motherless daughter reflects on cherished memories, ‘The little things mean the most’

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“Today, I made coffee that tasted exactly like my mom’s.

Back in high school, my mom would make me coffee nearly every day before I drove myself to school. We didn’t have a coffeemaker, so she would walk next door and brew a fresh pot at my grandma’s. She would make ours in the Dollar Tree traveler cups so I could take it with me.

If you know me, you know I’m not a morning person and I’m notoriously late to everything – no matter how hard I try. But that sweet, warm coffee often gave me the boost I needed to grin and bear the early morning and my nasty first period teacher.

When I left for college, I tried really hard to make my own coffee. I had one of my housemates show me how to use the communal coffeemaker and even called home for advice, but it never tasted quite right. My proportions were always off and I would sometimes get coffee grounds in my cup, somehow.

When my girlfriend and I first moved in together, we bought a Keurig. I thought maybe a fancier machine would aid me in making better coffee. Alas, it did not work, and we used it so little we ended up passing it along to a friend.

I decided mom’s secret ingredient must be love and I accepted mine would never live up to that, so I stopped trying.

Recently, I’ve been on an iced coffee kick. It’s easier to make – just mix the pre-made cold brew with creamer and a little caramel and you’ve got yourself some delicious coffee. But with the colder weather mixed with a migraine, I decided to attempt brewing a pot of hot coffee today.

With just the right amount of sugar and both powdered and liquid creamer, that cup of coffee from our $20 Mr. Coffee coffeemaker felt like home.

I downed my cup and eagerly got up to make a second, feeling the warm comfort envelop me like a big hug. For the first time since losing her, I felt close to her.

It really is the little things that mean the most.”

Motherless daughter takes a photo of a Mr. Coffee coffeepot with a giraffe mug next to it
Devon Ledbetter

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