‘We were 27, married for four years, and told we would never be able to get pregnant on our own.’

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“We were 27, married for four years, and told we would never be able to get pregnant on our own. Well, our chances stood at 2%. My dreams of becoming a Mom were slowly beginning to crumble in front of me and this was grief that my husband was never truly able to understand. He held my hand though as the road to motherhood became darker and darker. Our pockets were empty so adoption and infertility treatment were out of the question.

So, we got a dog.

But this only made me sadder because I had always envisioned a house full of kiddos chasing our dog, spilling and slipping over his water dish, and throwing a ball for him in the backyard. However, it was temporarily filling a small part of the bigger void. He was my companion, my running buddy, and I surely treated him like he was a three-year-old son of mine!

It was a hot day in mid August of 2014 that a good friend of mine asked if I (and my pups) wanted to go for a walk. Of course! Her and I had recently became close friends through a community group. The bond was strong from the beginning, we were able to share in the experience of losing our moms at such a young age. I was able to talk candidly about my hurts, pains, and our most recent trial of infertility. Mid walk she asked me if she had shared what her husband does for a living. I couldn’t recall, for I had never even met him. She nonchalantly said that he is a reproductive endocrinology specialist. For lack of better words, he is known statewide as being an incredibly successful infertility doctor! My jaw dropped. How had I not known this? But as my heart skipped a beat it also remembered how empty our wallets were and how full they would need to be to enter into fertility treatment. She felt comfortable speaking for her husband when she said we should at least schedule a consultation with him.

We can’t destroy a bridge we haven’t even crossed yet.

With lots of thought and prayer my husband and I scheduled an appointment and quickly fell in love with who he is as a doctor, as well as his respected staff and practice. However we knew the journey would have to end here, which stirred up more grief and the lost hope of ever holding my own baby. As we were preparing to leave he told us to hold on a minute. Silence. My husband and I sat there desperate for an encouraging word, a smile, or even a glimpse of hope. My friend’s husband came back to us and shared that he and his staff would like to offer us infertility support free of charge; for any good friend of his wife’s was a good friend to him.

Excuse me? Did I just hear you correctly? Say that again please…

Approximately $15k worth of treatment to attempt a live birth? I emotionally collapsed. No. It wasn’t so. But was it?

We left shocked, stunned, and speechless as we began to consider what our new journey could look like. After weeks of more prayer, more thought, and serious conversation we decided to undergo in vitro fertilization with his practice. In vitro fertilization is the process of combining sperm and egg outside of the body and then placing back in the uterus if embryo is fertilized and healthy. The following days and months ahead were long and emotional. With one failed IVF attempt our chances of having our own grew even slimmer.

With four embryos left we prayerfully considered transferring again.

By the grace of God and through the compassion of our doctor, we danced with JOY when we received the phone call of a positive pregnancy test after our second transfer! It was two weeks later that we found out we were not only blessed with one but with THREE babies!

We were expecting triplets!

We lost our minds, as we hadn’t even envisioned life with one of our own. We were overjoyed, scared silly, but ever so thankful for the generosity of the reproductive center to give us such a massive blessing. The two embryos we had transferred both took and one of them split, gifting us with identical girls and a precious baby boy. As soon as they were born the help and support poured in as we adjusted and learned to love and care for three tiny humans. What a beautiful life given to us just a few years after finding out we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant on our own.

The days were long and the nights were even longer but we wouldn’t have changed a thing. We were learning and discovering each day more about these little people that we get to call our own.

Life was starting to settle (as if life will ever settle with triplets) and they were now just over a year. The triplets were nearing 16 months old when I started to feel like something wasn’t right. Something was wrong with me. I called in urgently to get an appointment with my primary doctor. I was scarred it wasn’t going to be good news. Test after test ruled out diagnosis after diagnosis. It was then that my doctor asked if I could possibly be pregnant. I laughed. And then I laughed harder! No, I can’t be because it wasn’t possible. I went home and didn’t hear anything back for 24 whole hours. And then, the phone rang.

I was pregnant.

Our story just went from excellent to amazing in a matter of seconds. We conceived on our own. A miracle happened!

We gave birth to a healthy baby boy this past January and feel extremely undeserving of this gift and the gift our infertility doctor gave us just a few years earlier.

THIS is what love looks like.”

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