‘We were in the garage when she pulled this from her jacket. My plan was to drive a few, then go to another lot if nothing caught my eye. But not my wife.’

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“I know this looks like a hand written list of family vehicles, and yes, it is, but it’s actually more than that. It’s a beautiful example of dedication and love written by my amazing wife.

Let me explain.

Mel and I were in the garage, heading to look at cars we might buy when she pulled this from her jacket. She knew what we could afford, which vehicles were best for a family of five, and where they were located. In contrast my plan was to go to a few car lots, ask them what they had, drive a few, then go to another lot if nothing caught my eye.

But not Mel.

This list represents hours at our dinner table, long after the kids were in bed, scrolling through consumer reports, online reviews, and car searches to determine and locate the best fit for our family. It demonstrates how well Mel knows our needs, and how committed she is to make sure they are met. This list is admirable and wonderful and amazing and makes me incredibly grateful.

Courtesy Clint Edwards

And I know, gushing over my wife’s car list might seem silly, but the fact is, stuff like this gets overlooked, and it’s a huge reason one partner feels underappreciated, when they are, in fact, worthy of all the appreciation.

Regardless of husband or wife, breadwinner or stay at home parent, take a moment and look for a list of vehicles, or a complicated budget, or a well thought out grocery list, or a meal plan, or well organized garage, or any other show of thought and dedication, and look your partner in the eye and give them notice and appreciation. Because as crazy as it sounds, real love and dedication looks like a well-researched list of family vehicles.”

Courtesy Clint Edwards

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