‘What kind of concealer have you been using? I need a good one.’ And ‘I’ll come, but only if I can wear stretchy pants.’ Mom’s honest post on how friendship changes in your 30s

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“Friendship looks a little different in your 30s than it used to.

– Now it looks like hanging out together on the bleachers at baseball games.

– Now it looks like ‘What kind of concealer have you been using? I need a good one.’

– Now it looks like a quick hug in the parking lot at school pickup time.

– Now it looks like ‘Hey, how was your mom’s surgery? I’ve been praying for you.’

– Now it looks like group texts that make you laugh out loud.

– Now it looks like ‘Ok, I’m coming, but I’m so tired I may fall asleep right in this glass of wine.’

– Now it looks like half-conversations at birthday parties that keep getting interrupted by screaming kiddos.

– Now it looks like ‘Was that really 5 years ago? Seems like yesterday.’

– Now it looks like hiding in your closet for a 3 minute conversation on the phone.

– Now it looks like ‘Hey, why don’t y’all grab lunch and come hang out while the baby naps?’

– Now it looks like quick little chats in the aisles at Target.

– Now it looks like ‘Girl, I know. I’ve been there too, and it is so hard. I’m here for you.’

– Now it looks like Marco Polo messages and Snapchat pictures and tagging each other in memes on Facebook.

– Now it looks like ‘I dropped off a cup of coffee and a box of cookies on your front porch.’

– Now it looks like ‘I’ll come, but only if I can wear stretchy pants.’

– Now it looks like ‘I’m not free until 2026.’

– Now it looks like ‘I miss you’ and meaning it with your whole heart.

Whatever you have to do, however you have to do it — make time for your friendships. Make time for the people who feel like home.”

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Amy Weatherly

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