‘I was terrified and so incredibly sad to have to think about these things. But it was a CHOICE.’: Woman thankful for reproductive freedom after delivering medically-complex daughter

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“Nearly 3 years ago, I welcomed the most beautiful baby girl into the world, my Kinsley.

6 or so months before her arrival, we received horrible, terrifying news.

She was not healthy. This tiny little fetus, so loved already, would face major challenges.

We learned of her genetic defect. Of her heart defect. Of her kidney issues.

daughter laying in hospital bed
Courtesy of Farynn Kimmes

It felt like the blows just kept on coming.

We met with specialist after specialist. We asked a lot of questions.

Would she survive this?

Would she suffer?

What would her quality of life look like?

We were given a lot of information. And a lot of options.

One of those options (among many others) was to have an abortion.

And we thought long and hard about it.

What would it look like? Where would it happen? How long do we have to make that decision?

Our questions were answered.

By medical professionals, experts. They were patient and compassionate and non-biased.

As a woman, a mother, I was terrified and so incredibly sad to have to think about these things.

But that was my reality.

Our family’s reality.

mom with daughter
Courtesy of Farynn Kimmes

And I am so incredibly grateful I was given all of my options by medical experts whose priorities were the health and well-being of their patient.

My already emotional decision wasn’t influenced by the ridiculous politics of the state lived in.

Or how far I might have to travel or how much that would cost me if I did make that agonizing choice.

Ultimately, I made a different choice.

But it was a CHOICE. My choice.

One I made with my healthcare team.

You know, the way it should be.

Medical decisions being made between healthcare professionals and their patients.

Like so many women, I am appalled by the Supreme Court’s recent decision.

And I vow to stand with everyone else who feels this way and fight for our right to healthcare.”

mom with daughter
Courtesy of Farynn Kimmes

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