‘My beautiful baby, I don’t know why I had to leave you so soon.’: Woman’s touching letter to children who have lost their mother

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“My beautiful baby,
I don’t know why I had to leave you so soon.
I wish there was a reason,
an explanation that could ease your pain.
But there isn’t.
It was simply my time.

I know that’s hard for you to understand right now, and to be honest, you might never understand.
You might go your whole life wondering what you did wrong, what you did to deserve the pain in your heart that never seems to go away.
But it’s not your fault.
It wasn’t my fault.
It was simply my time.

I know you wish you could see my face,
hear my voice,
feel my palm as it rests on your back, holding you close, absorbing your breath as if it was my very own.
I know you pray and hope for one more day, one more hour, one more chance to say all the things you wanted to say.
All those words left unsaid.
To tell me how much you love me.

But baby, I know.
And I’m still here.
Maybe not physically.
Maybe not in the tangible sense,
but I’m here.

That balmy breeze that brushes your cheek as you play at the park, that’s me.
The nervous bomp bomp bomp in your heart as you walk into school on the first day, that’s me.
Our favorite song playing on the radio at the exact moment you learn to drive one day, that’ll be me.
That comfort you feel envelops you from head to toe when you snuggle into bed at night, that’s me.

Every happy thought,
every miraculous moment,
every heartbreak,
every decision,
every dream you make come true,
that’ll be me.
Right there,
the source of your strength,
the very best part of you.

My beautiful baby,
I don’t know why I had to leave you so soon.
But I do know this…
You are my legacy.
You are the very best part of me.
And on the days that hurt the most, the ones where the pain and grief seem unbearable,
just look into the mirror.
Look deep into your own eyes,
And you’ll see me there.
With you always,
It’s simply your time now.

I dedicate this piece to my niece Vivienne, and anyone who is missing their mama this Mother’s Day. Sending you all my love.”

Woman holds her baby and looks off in the distance with a beautiful blue sky behind her.
Courtesy of Mari Ebert

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