‘You slept with your back to her. You forgot how to put her first. If you love her, choose her.’: Wife reminds husband if you don’t choose her, ‘someone else will’

“You can be in a relationship with someone, married to someone, partnered with someone and love them but you must always choose them, every day.

When you met her she was fun, she was a size 6. Her hair was as wild as she was. You heard her laugh and the tone of her giggle etched in your brain. You stared at her while she slept and cradled her every night in the nook of your arm. When you stared at her your eyes glowed, because you chose her.

Lauara Mazza

But somewhere along the way you didn’t hear her laugh, you slept with your back to her and you forgot how to put her first. Life took over and love took a backseat.

Maybe life got too stressful. Maybe your eyes wondered and your mind was searching for something else. Maybe you spent too long focusing on her insecurities or demands. Her wants and her needs, and maybe choosing her seemed too hard. Maybe all you can see is the worst in each other. But when you stop watering the garden, the flowers won’t grow.

Lauara Mazza

The worst lesson you can teach the woman you love is that she can’t make you choose her, that she can’t make you love her. And when she learns that lesson her heart breaks.

A broken heart will resent you, and anger will flow through her veins… and the strain will grow so strong that she will no longer trust you. She will doubt you.

If you love her, choose her. If you need a reason why, ask it… and if you can’t find it, try harder. Hear her laugh, let her sleep in your nook, and stare at her until your eyes glow with admiration. Because a broken heart can be mended but regret is forever, and if you don’t choose her, someone else will.

Laura Mazza

She deserves a love that makes her feel chosen, that is as wild as her hair. As beautiful as a laugh that is etched in your mind and a lover that will watch her sleep. A happiness that will be there, not all day every day, but enough to make her feel like she matters. Choose her.”

Lauara Mazza

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