‘I need to speak with you about your ultrasound.’ My placenta had connected to my firstborn’s face.’: Mom shares journey birthing son with cleft lip and palate, blindness

“I noticed voicemails on my home phone. Everyone had our cell numbers, so I couldn’t imagine who could have called our house and left not one, but three messages. Surprisingly, it was my doctor. ‘Something doesn’t look right.’ She wanted me to call her back, but didn’t say any more than that.”

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‘Should I leave here anticipating I have cancer?’ Nothing braced me for the answer I didn’t want to hear: ‘Yes, I would.’: Woman shares journey battling breast cancer while pregnant

“On the way up, we passed a skinny young woman wearing a hat where hair is supposed to be. This was the exact moment it hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t fight the tears. I couldn’t talk. Her story, while different and unknown to me, was a look into our future.”

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