mom with her baby on her chest and breastfeeding the child

4 Ways To Prioritize YOU During Postpartum

“I won’t be curling my hair, putting on a lot of makeup, showering every day, or having clothes without breastmilk spilled all over them. But I also won’t be beating myself up for missing some unrealistic expectation of having it all together in those first few days.”

‘Positive? How is that possible? Our youngest only 10 months old, I stared blankly at the pregnancy test.’: Mom candidly details journey with 3 under 3

“Oh, God. I was going to have 4 kids, 3 under age 3. How was I possibly going to handle two toddlers AND an infant while coaching our eldest through virtual learning? I called my friend of 20 years, shaking and sick to my stomach with the test in my hand: ‘I don’t think I can do it.’ She said simply, ‘You can. And you will.'”

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