‘A Chinese student of mine was cowardly assaulted for walking down the street speaking another language.’: Man urges ‘look after your Asian friends’ during pandemic after student assaulted

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“Today I’m angry and ashamed of my country.

Three days ago, a Chinese student of mine was cowardly assaulted for walking down the street speaking another language.

This is Constantine, and he’s one of the nicest people I’ve met, and it’s been a privilege to train and fence with him.

Now that’s all over, he won’t be fencing for a long time.

The coward who attacked him, spewing racist trash and telling him to speak English, smashed a huge section of his cheekbone.

He’s going to need serious and expensive facial reconstruction surgery to keep from losing the eye.

Constantine traveled from China to Australia to learn historical fencing and this is what Australia has given him. I’m just heartbroken for him. Well done, Australia. Way to encourage equality.

Our country has an ugly history of racism, as do many. Challenge it and call it out. And look after your Asian friends, the coronavirus is just another excuse that’s stirring up racist violence.

Update: Thankfully the assailant was stupid, coming back to the scene of the crime, and was apprehended by police.”

Today I'm angry and ashamed to be Australian. Three days ago a Chinese student of mine was cowardly assaulted for…

Posted by Mark Holgate on Monday, February 24, 2020

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