‘As I ran from my sleeping kids to snuggle beneath the covers and finally relax, it hit me. The dang chicken!’: Woman’s viral post about ‘mom brain’ is so relatable

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“I had just tucked the kids into bed. I’d read the book, sang the song, prayed the prayers, and kissed their sweet cheeks.

And as soon as they were settled and I’d oohed and aahed over their sleeping faces, I ran. Straight to my room, I bounded up the stairs to snuggle beneath the covers and dive into a book I’d been reading.

And that’s when it happened.

The moment I cuddled up and let myself relax, it hit me.

The dang chicken.

I needed to defrost the chicken in the freezer for tomorrow’s dinner.

And as I lumbered to the kitchen to get the chicken, it hit me.

The dish soap.

I needed to add more dish soap to the grocery pickup order before it was too late.

And as I grabbed the computer to ensure our dishes would be clean for the coming month, it hit me.

The wet laundry.

I needed to move the clothes to the dryer before the mold set in.

Then it was the check I forgot to write for preschool.

Then it was the pee-soaked clothes from the accident that were still in the bathroom sink, waiting to be washed.

Then it was the crumbs that needed to be swept from beneath the kitchen table so the ants wouldn’t come in to feast.

Then it was the photographer I needed to e-mail back about family pictures.

Then it was the lotion I needed to order for the eldest’s dry skin.

Because my brain. doesn’t. stop.

And I didn’t do it all that night. I did what needed to be done and left the rest for the morning.

Mama needed a break, and I knew it. There have been plenty of nights I’ve done it all and felt the repercussions of not giving myself even five minutes to do something—anything—else.

But, in the back of my mind, it was all there.



Exhausting me.

Because a mama’s brain doesn’t stop thinking and caring and loving.

And what an incredible, tiring thing that is.”

Courtesy of Krista Ward

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