Dear Daughter, Kindness Doesn’t Always Come First

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“Hey, my girl… I have to tell you something.

Kindness doesn’t Always matter.

There… I said it.

Don’t get me wrong.

Kindness is so important in many situations, but I’m hoping to raise you to recognize when kindness just won’t cut it.

I do love quotes that circulate, like, ‘In a world where you can be anything… be kind.’

It seems simple.

But here’s the truth, oftentimes kindness isn’t enough.

You see, kindness is more inspirational than motivational.

Kindness helps create relationships but doesn’t foster them.

Kindness can make peace but will never be enough to keep it.

Kindness may soften barriers but won’t break them.

Kindness might open the door, but baby girl, you will need more than kindness to keep that door open.

While I do want you to consider kindness first, I want you to consider the situation foremost.

Not every situation warrants your kindness, and not every person you meet deserves it.

You’ll find yourself in situations where it’s better to tuck away an open hand and lay down an iron fist.

There will be people that need to be met with a sharp tongue rather than a sweet word.

I hope you learn to trust your gut and give yourself the allowance to choose accordingly.

As long as you choose your words wisely and with good intentions, you will never fall short.

And that’s called Integrity.

And you should never compromise your integrity for the sake of kindness.

So yes, kindness matters… but not always.”

 young girl in a kind shirt leaning against the railing for a picture
Courtesy of Mehr Lee

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