‘I stood in front of the receptionist flustered, sweaty, and desperate to turn back time… and I started to cry.’: Mom shares important realization about self-kindness

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“Do you believe it’s okay to fail?⁣

If you asked me, I’d be quick to say, ‘YES!’ Of course, failure is a part of life. Failing means you’re human. Failing means you tried.⁣

But turns out what I know is true doesn’t always translate to how I feel.⁣

Yesterday I messed up. I was talking on the phone while driving (yeah, I know) and I missed a turn. I didn’t realize my mistake until much too late.⁣

So late, in fact, that by the time I turned around, back tracked, and made it to my appointment, I was told the doctor could no longer see me. The appointment I had waited months for. The appointment I had taken time away from work and arranged childcare for.⁣

I stood in front of the receptionist, flustered and sweaty and desperate to turn back time… and I started to cry. Tears of frustration and embarrassment. And also tears of shame. The receptionist’s demeanor didn’t help. But as I drove home, silently wiping tears and berating myself for my mistake, I realized my response was less about the inconvenience I caused and the unkind attitude I received, and more about what I believe.⁣

I believe I shouldn’t make mistakes.⁣

I believe I should always be focused and timely and efficient.⁣

I believe a string of bad nights sleep shouldn’t affect my clarity of mind.⁣

I believe failure is an indictment on my character.⁣

I share this in the spirit of gloss-less honest. As I type these words, I can name for myself all their slippery slopes and half-truths. I would never believe these things for you.⁣

But sometimes it takes missing a turn and crying in front of a stranger to realize you’ve got some work to do in the department of self-kindness.⁣

Should I have been leaving a friend a voice message while driving? Probably not. Could I have activated turn by turn directions on my phone instead of relying on the little map my mama gave me? Sure.⁣

But today I want to hug yesterday-me and tell her she is no less valuable or loved because she messed up.⁣

Today-me knows appointments can be rescheduled and God’s mercies are new every morning.”

women in fitting room takes mirror selfie wearing a cardigan and jeans
Courtesy of Becky Keife

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