‘When your big kid asks you to do something, say yes.’: Mom of teens shares important advice

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“When your big kid asks you to do something, as often as you can, say yes.⁣

Quick pitstop at Starbucks? Yes.⁣

Wandering aimlessly around Target? Yes.⁣

Watching a TikTok they find hilarious but you don’t get it? Yes.⁣

Proofread a paper? Yes.⁣

Watch them play a new VR game? Yes.⁣

To be invited into their world is a privilege.⁣

To have an unexpected late-night conversation. To have them ask your opinion on their clothes. To go out for an impromptu supper date.⁣

Just being with them, in any capacity, is something to treasure.⁣

Say yes. Just say yes.⁣

You will never regret the precious time you get with your bigs. No matter how old they get.⁣

Go. Do. Be with them.⁣”

women slightly turned from camera smiling softly while holding a cup with a straw
Courtesy of Melissa Neeb

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