‘These pictures are some of the sweetest I own.’: Mom shares touching co-parenting moments, urges others ‘choose love’

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“These pictures are some of the sweetest I own. The first picture is my ex-husband Kyle asleep in bed with Aiden James after trying to secretly drop off donuts for his boys at my place and getting caught by a still-awake Aiden.

Naturally, he wanted to snuggle daddy. So, Kyle laid down and promptly passed out with him while Ken and I played guitar in the next room for Jesse Edwin.

Dad sleeps in son's bed with him after a long day
Courtesy of Miranda Silliman

The second picture is a thoughtful gift Kyle’s girlfriend, Trish, bought me when she was just thinking of me. A nurse My Little Pony. So. Cool!

She didn’t have to buy it. She didn’t even have to consider me. But she did. She went out of her way to show me she thought of me and she cares.

Nurse mom takes a photo of a nurse My Little Pony her co-parenting partner bought her
Courtesy of Miranda Silliman

She does it in more ways than that basically always. From helping to raise and love my boys to supporting our family’s connectedness, she’s incredible. I couldn’t ask for a better mom for my boys, partner for my bff, and friend for me.

We could have had a crushing, painful, toxic relationship. We could have all hated one another. We could have fought and made the kids miserable.

Instead, we chose love. I love where this life of co-parenting has lead us. We’re better friends, greater parents, and healthier humans for being kind and genuinely loving one another.

Please know: If you are choosing two households over one, co-parenting, divorcing, whatever your situation, the difference between Hell and peace is one single choice – choose love.”

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