‘Dear Little Sister, you may have been the ‘lucky one’ back then, but I’m the lucky one now.’: Woman shares appreciation letter for little sister, ‘You taught me to live and love’

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“Dear Little Sister,

I remember the day Mom and Dad brought you home.

Times were different back then. There were no Instagram-inspired poses; there were no Pinterest-worthy outfits.

It was you in a one-piece sleeper, wrapped up in a pink blanket. The sweetest cherub-cheeked little baby that I ever did see.

That day, Little Sister?

Well, it was the beginning of living our lives together.

And, in the realm of keeping it real, it was also the beginning of hearing the same things over and over (and over) again.

‘Keep an eye out to your little sister.’

‘She follows you around because she wants to be just like you.’

‘She’s so lucky to have you as a big sister.’

‘She’s going to learn so much because she watches everything you do.’

You know. The regular big sister and little sister stuff that any parent says to calm the (estrogen-fuelled) storm.

But through all the stolen stuffed animals and favorite t-shirts, what I didn’t expect back then, and what I never, ever saw coming, was the way that the tables would turn.

For, Little Sister,

Back then I may have been your teacher in life.

But now you are mine.

You teach me to relax in a world that is measured in hustle. You can find God in a sunset and become friends with a stranger in the grocery store line.

You teach me that happiness is found neither in ranks nor in titles, but rather in sipping on a hot coffee while repotting my favorite plants.

You teach me to see people. Like, truly see them. Your day is never too busy to listen to someone’s story, or for them to share their heart with you. You love humans so beautifully, especially those with broken wings.

You teach me to not be impressed by riches nor gold. You smile just as sweetly to the homeless gentlemen sat on the street corner as you do to a gentleman wearing a three-piece suit. People are people to you. No one is more – And no one is certainly less.

You teach me to slow down; to appreciate; to take it all in.

I now kinda feel, Little Sister, that the life lessons I taught you pale in comparison to what you’ve taught me.

For anyone can teach a girl where to place her hands when slow dancing, or how to avoid a foundation line on their cheek.

But to have someone teach you how to not only live life but to love life, and thereby leaving this world a better place than you found it? That’s what you’ve been teaching me.

You may have been the ‘lucky one’ back then, Little Sister,

To have a big sister with a room full of makeup, jewellery, and boy band posters.

But I’m the lucky one now.

I’ll love you forever. And ever.


Your Big Sister”

Courtesy of Heather Delaney

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