Dear Moms, You Never Know When The Last Day Will Be

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“You know what I didn’t realize before I became a mom?

We never know when the last day will be…

Will today be the last day of crawling,

now replaced with a few steps across the floor?

Will today be the last day of babbling,

now replaced with the sweet sound of the word mama over and over again?

Will today be the last day of finger-painting,

now replaced with a canvas and paintbrush?

Will today be the last day of sippy cups and plastics plates,

now replaced with adult plates and cups?

Will today be the last day of naps,

now replaced with more time at the playground?

Will today be the last day of preschool,

now replaced with our little one gone almost seven hours a day?

Will today be the last day of crawling into bed in the middle of the night,

now replaced with sleeping alone while hugged by blankets?

Will today be the last day of tying shoes,

now replaced with getting dressed alone and an ‘I can do it’ mentality?

Will today be the last day reading books on the floor,

now replaced with late-night reading alone?

Will today be the last day of an open bedroom door,

now replaced with closed doors and less time hanging out in the family room?

Will today be the last day of braces,

now replaced with a white toothy grin?

Will today be the last day being a passenger,

now replaced with waving goodbye as the car rolls down the driveway?

Will today be the last day tucked in bed down the hallway,

now replaced with a dorm room across the country?

Will today be the last day to hold you in my arms,

now replaced with texts and FaceTime calls to catch up.

The last days are hard…

But friends, you know what is magnificent about the last days?

They always lead into the first day beginning tomorrow.

So here’s to looking towards the firsts!

Hang in there mama.”

mom looking down at her baby lovingly that is laying on the blanket
Courtesy of Ali Flynn

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