‘Do you have any jobs available?’ I was laid off from a great position at a great organization. I had to set aside my pride.’: Woman struggling to find work during pandemic gets second chance at Tesco, ‘No matter what job you work, you are winning!’

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Job Hunting

“So on Thursday I went to my local Tesco (supermarket) and noticed the shelves were bare. When I asked if they had any jobs available, I got told interviews were taking place if I wanted to go upstairs. I sat for 2 hours, without an appointment, to be seen. I didn’t even ask how much I would be paid. I was desperate for a job.

I was looking for a job because I had recently been laid off in and still couldn’t find any work. I was getting bored doing nothing and with the coronavirus getting worse, I was hearing less and less from agencies. I am also getting married in August and was now worried the virus would effect the hospitality industry for months to come, making it harder to find work and earn money.

Courtesy of Holly Maxwell

When I finally did get called upstairs at Tesco, the lady told me she couldn’t see me without paperwork. I explained the situation, that I’d just asked downstairs about employment and got told to come up. No one had mentioned any paperwork was required during the 2 hours I sat there, or beforehand at customer services. She was having none of it, so I said, ‘What if I drive home and bring it back?’ Which I did.

I had been anxious sitting there, waiting to be seen; I kept doubting whether or not should I just leave. ‘Maybe I don’t need to do this?’ I was embarrassed about the position I was in. But I thought, ‘I’ve waited this long.’ I received encouraging messages whilst I waited from friends who I had told about my crazy decision.

Getting The Job

Well, I started my induction and training yesterday, and my first shift is tomorrow! I was embarrassed for my situation at first. I had a great position at a great organization, but all that is gone now. I have already met so many people like me, of all ages, out of work or closing their own business due to this virus. We are all setting aside our pride because we want to earn money to support ourselves and loved ones during this difficult time!

I’ve come to realize that if I’m earning money, no matter what I do, I’m winning at the end of the day, especially with everything closing down and no clue when it will be back to normal! I’m proud of myself for putting myself out there. I’m proud I’m starting a new skill, and proud I am helping the economy during this difficult time! I’m no longer embarrassed for myself, or the countless others facing similar difficulties.

Endless Gratitude

I’ve learned a great lesson through all of this. We shouldn’t worry about what people think so much of us. It’s hard enough in today’s society with social media. But the amount of support I’ve received has really made me think. It doesn’t matter what you do for a job in life, no one else is paying your bills. I’ve never looked down on people who work jobs like this; I treat everyone the same from the cleaner, to the CEO. But through this experience, I’ve been able appreciate even more the work they do and set aside my pride issue. I am humbled, and so grateful that Tesco gave me a shot.

I guess there is opportunity everywhere. You just have to be brave enough to look. It may just pay off.”

Courtesy of Holly Maxwell

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