‘She was there in the toughest times of my life.’: Grandma’s sweet reaction to finding out she’ll be moving in with grandson

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Matthew Stewart from Destin, Florida recently solved a problem for his beloved grandma Bobbe, whom he calls GB.

In a video he shared on his popular Instagram page, Matt drives GB by a construction site to reveal one of the best gifts she’ll ever receive. As it turns out, he has been planning to move her in with him for a long time — long enough for their brand new home to almost be complete!

As they sit together in his car, he tells GB all about her new private sitting room, bedroom, and accessible bathroom.


GB can’t seem to believe her good fortune, tearfully telling Matt that she’s just glad “somebody wants me.”

This story originally appeared on InspireMore.

“It meant the world to be able to show her our new home! I cannot wait to actually move into it and have her with us!” Matt said later. “I know we are all VERY excited. She was there for me in the past for the toughest time of my life and now I get to take care of her in the final years of her life. I’m very blessed!”

While the house won’t be ready until January, GB said she’s “packed and ready to go.” Watch her tear-jerking reaction in the video below.


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