‘My grandmother always kept a whistle next to the phone.’: Woman shares touching life lesson from grandma, ‘Blow a whistle on anything that disturbs your peace’

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“My grandmother always kept a whistle next to the phone. I know. It’s strange, right?

Except, maybe it’s genius.

But before I explain the whistle…

I have to tell you:

My grandma (ie Mimi) was a saint.

A tiny, little Italian spitfire of a saint.

She volunteered countess hours at the local hospitals to help make patients smile.

She made friends everywhere she went…and I do mean everywhere.

She wrote thank you letters, gave out free hugs, and made warm meals for for those in need (and often delivered those free hugs along with those free, warm meals.)

She prayed, and I mean she PRAYED hard.

She was greatly loved, and loved greatly.

But…she was also a little savage….

(The little ones often are, aren’t they?!)

When my sister came upon the whistle clearing out the nightstand after my grandfather’s passing….

My mom took one look at that whistle and laughed, explaining what I’ve come to believe is either absolutely crazy or pure genius.

‘You see,’ my mom said…

‘Mimi hated telemarketing calls. If someone called, she would blow the whistle in their ear. Literally, she would blow a whistle into the phone. They always hung up an never called again.’

Savage little spitfire.

I love that about her legacy.

She knew that she was responsible for her own joy.

She unapologetically and creatively protected it.

Good advice, huh?

Her life in a sentence:

Be kind, love people, but blow a whistle on anything that disturbs your peace.

That advice…sis.

That advice…just take it and run with it.

Be kind.

Love people.

Blow a whistle on anything that disturbs your peace.”

Courtesy of Katy Ursta

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Katy Ursta of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram. Submit your own story here and be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter for our best stories.

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