‘Have you ever had a child who has anonymous notes in her locker telling her to ‘kill herself”

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“Another child took his life earlier this month he was only 13 years old.

Do you want to know what it is like to be a parent who has a child who is being bullied??

Well, I’ll Tell you…

Have you ever had a child who barely eats because they are called a fatass constantly.

Or how about a child who used to love school so much, but now fakes sick just, so she can stay home.

How about a child who has anonymous notes in her locker telling her to ‘kill herself’

How about a child who only gets 2-3 hrs. of sleep because they’re so worried about what is going to happen in school the next day.

How about a child who closes off and cries silently in her room, so no one can hear…

How about a child who used to be so happy and full of life, but now feels nothing at all.

How about a child who used to wear long sleeves in the summer because she cut herself.

How about a child who has told the therapist that they have thoughts of taking their own life.

How about a child who begs you not to call the school because she is scared of the repercussions?

How about a child who goes to a school where there are ‘zero bullying tolerance’ posters all over the school, yet nothing gets done.

Here we are in 2018 and children little babies are taking their lives because they think it’s the only way out.

Please teach your children right from wrong, teach them to reach out to the kid who is sitting alone, teach them to be a leader not a follower, teach them to stand up for kids who are different and most of all… teach them to be KIND.

We as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, teachers and friends need to do more. We need to be their voices, we need to stand up and we need to fight. We need to say enough is enough.

I worry… I worry one day I’m going to go in my daughters’ room and my heart is going to shatter in a million pieces. I worry that our words of love and encouragement aren’t going to be enough. I worry that these words and actions of these bullies are going to affect her so much that she thinks she would be better off not here. I worry about not having her.

I pray that no mother or father has to go through this. It is the most heartbreaking thing to watch, to want to be able to help your child but you can’t. You are supposed to be their protector and you can’t protect them from this kind of evil.

How many more children are going to have to think that suicide is the answer for this epidemic to be stopped. My child, your child… who is next?? I don’t want to find out. This needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

If you’re reading this and it hits home for you, just know that your child is worth it. He or she matters, and in the end, we will WIN this fight!”

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