‘I bought school supplies today, because I wanted to feel normal. Because I still have hope.’: Mom holds out hope for the day school returns to normal

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“I bought school supplies today, because the aisles were full, and I wanted to feel normal.

I wanted to buy a non-essential that is, perhaps, the most essential thing we need: tools for education.

Courtesy of Stephanie Hanrahan

Last year, it was impossible to find construction paper and crayons, but this is a new era. One where we sit and wait and see.

So, I bought the highlighters, because I still have hope.

I have hope, one day, my children will fill their backpacks to the brim with these supplies. That they will share their markers with their friends and come home and share their day with me.

I have hope, one day, there will be packed lunches and assemblies. That there will be recesses without masks and children who can freely hug their teachers again.

Courtesy of Stephanie Hanrahan

But, until then, this box will serve as a reminder school was never just a place to learn; it was a space to be loved too. And, I can do that. Until we return, I can give my children what they need to gather and grow.

I can teach them everything is going to be okay.”

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