‘I went crazy. Before I knew it, I had slapped over $700 in UNDERWEAR on a credit card!’: Woman’s hilariously candid post about taking control of her finances because ‘your spouse prefers you naked anyway’

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“I’ve done A LOT of dumb stuff with money, but one of the dumbest was a Victoria’s Secret credit card I opened before our wedding in 2007.

I had a freaking loan for my underwear.


I was convinced that on my wedding night I needed something awesome to wear and I went CRAZY and before I knew it, I had slapped over $700 in one hour in UNDERWEAR on a credit card!

Over $700 worth of UNDERWEAR!


Courtesy Whitney Lee Sinecoff

Unless I was putting on a private 3-hour show with an intermission, 2 set changes, an opening act and an encore, there should be ABSOLUTELY ZERO REASON to charge over $700 in UNDERWEAR!

And guess what?  That underwear didn’t last me 5 minutes – JOKES ON ME – turns out your spouse prefers ya NAKED!

I know I’m being slightly cheeky here, but I want you to see the bigger picture. I had no control and no boundaries when it came to money.

That UNDERWEAR sat in a dresser drawer and we made monthly payments we couldn’t afford at over 24% interest. That underwear loan turned into car loans, which turned into furniture loans, which turned into vacations on credit cards, which turned into.

We have no choices.

We are broke.

We have no financial future.

We have no way to pay for our kids’ college.

We are SCREWED if we ever lose our jobs.

Courtesy Whitney Lee Sinecoff

We have zero retirement plans except to DIE from killing ourselves at jobs we hate because AGAIN we have …unpaid medical bills, furniture loans, crushing mortgages, student loans, monthly subscriptions…and the vicious cycle continues!


One day you look up and say ENOUGH, you say NO MORE!, you get sick of feeling SUFFOCATED and ANXIOUS, and you take control, build a budget, follow a plan, pay off your debts, free up your cash, and start building a life with a FUTURE bright with FREEDOM rather than hopeless with debt.

Friends, it is SO POSSIBLE! And one day when you have ZERO debt, and you don’t owe anyone a single penny, you’ll be able to walk into that store and pay cash for all that underwear… but you won’t… because you’ll remember that your spouse prefers you naked anyway.”

Courtesy Whitney Lee Sinecoff

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Whitney Lee Sinecoff, 33, of Winchester, Virginia. Follow her journey on Instagram here. Submit your own story here, and subscribe to our free newsletter for our best stories.

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