‘I’ll never forget sitting in a hospital room watching you fight for your life, wishing I could fast forward to today. Today wasn’t supposed to happen.’: Mom pens emotional open letter to son on his first day of Kindergarten

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“Today wasn’t supposed to happen. Almost six whole years in the making. I’ll never forget sitting in a hospital room watching you fight for your life, wishing I could fast forward to today. And here it is.

Courtesy of Kelly Blumenthal

This was a team effort. The sheer number of people it took to create this moment is immeasurable. Too many doctors to count. Multiple hospitals from multiple states. Countless appointments, blood draws, medications, hours in the car. 17 procedures and 2 open heart surgeries. Months in a cold, sterile hospital room. Many, MANY, ‘I don’t think so’s’ and ‘You cant’s/You wont’s.’ Boy, did you ever prove them wrong. Lots of cheering, but also lots of tears. We’ve relished in the moments where we have cried happy ones for you.

Multiple meetings and countless signatures. We’ve signed you over so many times. To an operating room, to a school, to a surgeon. Lots of battles won but several lost. We knew it was never about winning or losing. No one truly ‘wins’ watching your child fight for every breath they take.

Massive prayers Finn, MASSIVE, from ALL over. People who were atheist sending PRAYERS for YOU. Kindness of strangers, loved ones, friends, family. Gifts, the biggest one being time. Second chances, third chances, twentieth chances. Medical bills miles long with hours and probably weeks on the phone with insurance and Medicaid. Ambulance rides, med flights. Calls to 911. Watching you go and then somehow come back.

And why Kindergarten? You’ll ask me when you’re older I am sure. Why not high school or college graduation for a dream? Because ALL dreams begin with a stepping stone and this is yours. Some dream of puddles but you; the ocean. God knows you’ve swam through several already. It’s independence, it’s normalcy, it’s ‘just being a kid.’
It’s all you, Finn. These steps, literally the ones in front of you and the ones you’ve already taken in life; they’re all yours. No one said it would be easy, but didn’t I promise you it would be worth it?

Courtesy of Kelly Blumenthal

Make friends and treat them kind. Don’t get discouraged if you color outside the lines. You can’t rush perfection and you, my dear, are perfect in your own way. Laugh fiercely. Ask for help and don’t ever be afraid of it. Ask questions. Thank those around you, even for just being in your presence because they have a choice too and they chose to be around you. If you cry, that’s okay; we’ll try it again tomorrow. Even though we aren’t promised it, we’re going to live for it. Use your manners. Take it in — the lights, the sounds, the joy — it’s all there for you.

Life isn’t perfect. Who knows that better than you? Every day won’t be good, but there will always be something good in every day. Things will brake. But just because something’s broken doesn’t mean you can’t put it back together. And just because when it’s put back together it looks a little different, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. You can use your own heart for that reference. So don’t ever give up. Ever. If you’ve still got life, you’ve still got a chance, and one small match can make a huge explosion.

Remember we don’t care if you become a doctor, a lawyer, a race car driver, or a grocery clerk. We’re already so proud of you just for being you. And whenever you struggle to see it, put your hand over your heart. Feel that? It’s called purpose. You’re HERE for a reason, Finn and I can’t wait to see what it is.

Big brother will be right down the hall and I have a feeling it’ll stay this way until you’re grown up and beyond.

Courtesy of Kelly Blumenthal

Everyone’s rooting for you and you’ve got everything you need.

I’ll always be there for you and now, you can be there for you, too.

Enjoy every moment of those steps, Finn. We’ll be waiting for you later today.”

Courtesy of Kelly Blumenthal

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