‘I’m here for all your seasons—ALL OF THEM. Whether you’re crying, whining, laughing, I’m here.’: Woman pens touching note to friends

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“Hey, friend. ‘How are you?’ doesn’t quite pass for checking in these days, and ‘I’m fine’ doesn’t really qualify as an authentic and accurate response, either.

Though the two of us will regularly share these pleasantries, ’cause all is good if we say it is, right?

Wrong. And that’s why we’ve got to cut the bullsh*t. I’m here to tell you this and hammer it fudgin’ home until you believe it.


Not just the ones where we find regular time for each other.

Not just the ones when you’re riding the highs.

Not just the ones that result in fun as h*ll girls’ nights.

Not just the ones that align with mine.

I’m here for all of your seasons, and I’m right here with you whether you’re laughing, crying, screaming, whining, cheering, praying, leaning in, leaning out, loving, lamenting, full of hope, or full of doubt.

I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere, because real friendships, true ones, the ones that stand the test of time, divorce, sickness, job loss, pandemics, and the like, they’re like moonshineAHEM, I mean sunshineand they’ll help you see the light even on your darkest of days.”

Courtesy of Nicole Merritt

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