‘It’s time to wear our scars and battle wounds openly.’: Woman ‘breaks the silence’ to commemorate National Infertility Awareness Week

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“1 in 4 women experience a miscarriage at least once in their lifetime.

1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility while trying to grow their family.

1 in 10 women are diagnosed with endometriosis.

1 in 100 women experience recurrent pregnancy loss.

These may only look like simple statistics to some, but for me, this is my life…

Hi, my name is Kenzie, and I am all of these things.

Today marks the very first day of ‘National Infertility Awareness Week.’ This is a time to come together and recognize a community of individuals who have been given one of the hardest challenges in life to overcome: infertility.

The world of infertility is one that goes way beyond what you can see from the surface. It is complicated, it is all-consuming, and more than anything else, it is heartbreaking.

There are no guarantees, and there is no map there to guide you along the way while you try to navigate through it. You continually fight for chances even if there is no way to predict the outcome that is headed in your direction, and despite all of the unknown that lies ahead, you never once lose faith that your time is coming.

Too many times though, you find yourself feeling alone and completely hopeless. You think no one else knows what you are going through, and nobody could possibly understand exactly how you feel, simply because infertility does not get talked about enough.

Yes, I know this can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but it doesn’t mean we should ignore it. It’s here. It exists. And so many of us are finding ourselves living in its reality.

So this week, let’s break the silence and the stigma surrounding infertility. It’s time to wear all of our scars and battle wounds openly and honestly, with no fear and no judgment.

Each of us deserves to celebrate everything we have overcome and all we continue to fight for. And our stories deserve to be told in all their entirety.

To my fellow infertility warriors, may you continue to find strength even amongst your darkest days, and hope in your future. I see you, I hear you, and I am you.

Happy ‘National Infertility Awareness Week.’ This one’s for you.”

Young woman holding a handwritten sign that says "Happy National Infertility Awareness Week"
Courtesy of Mackenzie Eckinger

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