‘Mom, I’m out of diapers. Please read my report.’ THIS WAS WRITTEN ON MY SON IN MARKER.’: Daycare worker fired after mom discovers message written on child’s stomach

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One Florida mom was understandably outraged to find a daycare worker had written in marker on her son’s stomach that he was out of diapers. She posted pictures of her son’s stomach on social media asking if she was just overreacting or if other parents would be equally upset. She wasn’t alone.

“Help. Am I over exaggerating? Give it to me straight people,” she pleaded in her post which has garnered more than 5,000 shares.

Mom Heather Chisum posted the photos showing the ink-stained skin both after he came home and after scrubbing several times to get the marker off of her 1-year-old son. The message read, “Mom, I’m out of diapers. (Please) read my report.”

UPDATE: For all of these mothers coming after me and saying I’m negligent, I’m human and I missed a report. ONE. For…

Posted by Heather Chisum on Monday, January 27, 2020

“Everyday when I pick Fin and Milo up from daycare they put a daily report paper in Milo’s lunch box,” Chisum explained. “It says what mood he was in for the day, what times they changed his diapers, and if he needs diapers or wipes. I’m a single mom with a full time job and two very young children. SUE ME FOR NOT READING THE REPORT EVERY SINGLE DAY.”

Any parent knows how many reports, notes, emails, and phone calls happen in a day about our kids. There are teachers, daycares, activities — and it’s hard to keep up. There is no way to remember every single thing every single day no matter who you are, and shaming someone for missing a notice about diapers is ridiculous. Writing on someone else’s child to get your message across is abhorrent.

“I’ve scrubbed it with several baby wipes and it’s not coming off. I had plans to take them to the beach to play, and now I can’t because my son has writing all over him,” Chisum continued. She also noted that there are plenty of ways to remind her, like, “WRITE IT ON HIS DIAPER,” she wrote. “OR YA KNOW, JUST TELL ME?!?” She also said this wasn’t the first time it had happened. “They’ve done this several months ago too,” she explained.

Chisum’s post went viral as enraged friends and strangers shared the pictures of her son, most offering sympathy and telling her she needed to contact the head of the school immediately. Of course, several commented that it served her right since she missed the daycare’s note the first time. It must be nice to be perfect.

The mom-of-two did follow up with the school and they took quick action to remediate the situation. The executive director of Children’s Education Center of the Islands released a statement letting Chisum know the teacher had been fired. “We are aware of the incident at the school, and we are terribly sorry for the distress it has caused the family involved as well as all of our families. It was a breach of our professional ethics on the part of the teacher,” the statement read. “The school has taken immediate action to remove the teacher from the school.”

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