‘What if I get this wrong? I’m not the only one asking these questions. That’s how I know I’m getting at least a little bit right.’: Mom shares importance of perspective in parenting

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“What if her brain thinks like mine? What if she’s hardwired for indecision? What if my inability to get this right promptly causes her reckless abandon?

What if my way of coping and growing is her way of igniting and running? What if she crashes? What if we burn?

What if all the times I ever said I would and then I didn’t, she was watching?

That would suck.

What if I never asked for help when I needed it and she learned to live like that?

What if all the times I said ‘no’ lead to the most important time she never asked the question?

What if I get this wrong? I’m talking about BOLD new frontiers of suck.

But I’m not the only one asking myself these questions and that’s exactly how I know I’m getting at least a little bit of this right.

I’m doing the work. It starts with the questions, it evolves with experience, and it changes with growth.

Perspective is the lesson.

What if she’s hardwired for hope?

What if she’s destined for the goodness I helped lead her to?

What if she is a wild soul with a fragile heart full of balance and integrity? What if she is resilient and relaxed?

What if she knows boundaries equal to her grace? What if she surmounts to the sum of the love and experiences which you provided for her?

What if she flies – no – what if she soars? 

And as for the lesson?

She will. If you let her.

And the view from up here, you ask?

Well, let’s just say – it doesn’t suck.

It’s all about perspective.”

daughter looks off to the side with her head resting in her hands, she looks at peace
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