‘My classmate’s baby had a fever. Our teacher told her to bring her. I heard Katie say, ‘She’s a little fussy,’ when handing her over.’

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“There are teachers that will shake their head at you for working while going to nursing school and switch plans at the last second because they don’t value your time or commitments; and then there are teachers like Dr. George that will hold your sick baby when you can’t get a last minute sitter so that you can take a test.

Dr. George has always told us not to miss a test and she will help us any way she can. I can remember her saying (more than once) something about bringing kids if we need to or calling her if we are in a bind.

My classmate Katie, Katie called or texted her that morning when her baby had a fever and Dr. George told her to bring her. I heard Katie say, ‘She’s a little fussy’ when she was handing her over.

Courtesy Natalie Norman

Dr. George is wonderful and always makes it clear that we can ask her for help.

So grateful for teachers like her who really want to see us succeed. Not to mention she held a Christian nurses’ meeting right before this and prayed for all of us. We really are blessed to have her. Plus, she’s an awesome teacher aside from a wonderful human.”

Courtesy Natalie Norman

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