Teacher’s Insanely Awesome Black History Month Decorations Go Viral

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Kymm Daniels, an art teacher at Radium Springs Elementary School in Albany, Georgia, took her Black History Month decorations to the next level — and the Internet is in love.

teacher stands in front of elaborate black history month decorations that cover classroom doors
Kymm Daniels

“Art is my life and it has been a part of me since I was 5 years old,” Daniels told Love What Matters. “For Black History Month I wanted to do something special for my students to inspire them… also while drawing attention to the arts in school. I love what I do and I’m glad that everyone around the world is enjoying it as well.”

classroom doors decorated with african american women made out of paper with posters of famous african Americans
Kymm Daniels
classroom door with African american woman made out of paper next to pictures of notable african americans
Kymm Daniels
classrrom door with african american woman made out of paper covering it
Kymm Daniels

Daniels’ decorations feature a large African American girl and boy covering her classroom doors, surrounded by photos of important African American figures throughout history.

Black history month decorations of woman made of paper on doors, be a dreamer sign, and faces of notable african americans
Kymm Daniels

“The kids love it. They were in awe when I got finished with it,” she told CBS affiliate, WTOC. “They were like ‘Ms. Daniels, who are they?’ I was like, ‘They are you, or you, they could be anybody.’ It’s something that relates to them and they just love it.”

Her Facebook post showing off the creative display has more than 75,000 shares.

“DO IT FOR THE CULTURE,” she wrote on her post.

school hallway with black history month decorations of women made of paper on doors and faces of notable african americans
Kymm Daniels

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Kymm Daniels of Albany, Georgia. You can follow their journey on Facebook.

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