Daddy surprises his daughter with a ‘real date’ to show her ‘how a man is supposed to treat a lady’

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“I never had the perfect daddy figure in my life! I saw and heard a lot of things a girl shouldn’t have seen or heard from her dad. But one thing for sure is, I can honestly say I broke that cycle with my child.

Dee Clark decided he would take our princess on a real date and show her how a man is supposed to treat a lady so when she grow up, she will accept nothing less! Wow! He’s the best hands down!”

He surprised her with a beautiful new blue dress on her bed, sprinkled in paper hearts.

child purple dress is lying on a bed next to black flats and card covered in red and pink flats
Ashley Clark

In the sweet card for his daughter, Dee Clark wrote, “Hello my beautiful princess. Get dress. I’m taking you to your favorite spot.”

valentines day card propped up on bed from father to daughter
Ashley Clark

His precious daughter broke down in tears as she read the note from her daddy.

little girl reads a card while leaning on her bed with hand over her face
Ashley Clark

But then she took a minute to check out her pretty new dress in the mirror.

little girl holds up purple dress in front of mirror in her bedroom
Ashley Clark

Mommy helps her get her matching silver hair bow just right.

daughter sits on stool in bathroom while mother puts white bow in her hair
Ashley Clark

All dressed up for her big daddy-daughter date!

little girl smiles in hallway while wearing a purple dress and holds black purse
Ashley Clark

He even presented his “princess” with a rose — how adorable!

father hands daughter rose while down on one knee in front hallway of home
Ashley Clark

She gave her daddy a kiss for the sweet surprise.

father and daughter share a kiss in front hallway of home
Ashley Clark

The perfect pair is ready to hit the town!

father smiles while holding daughter in purple dress with black purse and red rose in hand
Ashley Clark
little girl stands in gray coats holding the front door knob while smelling red rose
Ashley Clark

They shared a delicious dinner together on a wonderful night she’ll surely never forget.

father reaches across dinner table at restaurant to wipe daughters face with napkin
Ashley Clark
daughter holds out hand across dinner table at restaurant for father to kiss
Ashley Clark

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Ashley Clark of Shreveport, Louisiana. You can follow her journey on Facebook.

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