‘The kids are being nightmares’: Every now and then while I’m at work I get that dreaded text message

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“Every now and then while I’m at work I get that dreaded text message ‘the kids are being nightmares’. Sometimes I see it and forget to even reply because I’m ‘busy’. We speak when I’m on my way home from work and by the time I get home they are already in bed. I missed it. She had to do it on her own.

Sarah had a night out the other night. She never gets to go out anymore so it was a long time coming and a well needed rest from the boys. I did the unthinkable and messaged her saying I couldn’t settle Finn no matter what I tried. He’s teething at the moment so sometimes there’s not much more you can do. I was frustrated and just needed to tell someone.

She cut her night short and was in the car within the minute. She came home to save me from my own incompetence even when I said I was fine. I felt really bad because I wouldn’t have done the same.

It’s not that I needed her. I knew what the issue was. I just needed to let someone know and she was the only adult I could really tell.

Sometimes we forget how much that reassurance means. It’s the only way you can really support someone when you’re not actually there. When I get that message I need to stop being a little wuss and take that time out of my day to make that call.

She’s a gem 💎”


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