‘They said $5 for any dog that’s a foot or longer. I immediately thought of Subway’s $5 foot long! I decided to text my mom to ask for ‘permission.’

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“My name is Kelsey Grace Johnstone. I am 21 years old, originally from Maryland, just moved to Texas a few months ago! I adopted Bentley on Monday, which was Labor Day!

I had just got off work and called around to a few shelters because I was looking to adopt! That’s when I came across this $5 deal at the Dallas animal shelter and decided to go there. They said $5 for any dog that’s a foot or longer.

Poster on glass that says, "$5 foot long pets" with a dog and cat on it
Kelsey Grace Johnstone


So, I immediately thought of subways $5 foot long! So, I decided to text my mom to ask for ‘permission’. My Mom and I always play jokes on each other, so I thought this would be the best ‘joke’ ever… a new best friend for the both of us!

Screenshot of iMessage of daughter asking mom if she can get a $5 foot long
Kelsey Grace Johnstone

When I got there, there were over 700 dogs! I was looking for about an hour and just kept going back to Bentley. He was so energetic and so friendly, and you could tell he was very loving. The staff was amazing and so were all the dogs and cats too! When my mom got home, I told her to come in my room to see the foot long. She was really confused at first, then she got a little angry. I explained that for only $5 I got Bentley, a free vet checkup and all of his medication. As well as coupons for PetSmart and a collar! They were so helpful. They are paired with the VCA, so if you adopt a dog from DAS, you get a free checkup at any of their veterinarian clinics and if anything is wrong else wise they’re cover up to $250 for it as well. Which is absolutely amazing to me!

My mom’s first words she said to me after she came out of shock were… ‘I can’t be mad because he is so cute. But I’m not walking him’. Ha-ha. She loves Bentley so much! Me and Bentley are doing amazing and he’s adjusted to well to his new home. He has a new brother Oliver who is a German Shepherd, they love to play, and they get along so well! I cannot wait to take him to new parks and make so many memories with him!”

Young woman squats down smiling with her arm around adopted dog
Kelsey Grace Johnstone

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