To The Person Who Keeps Going Back To An Unhealthy Relationship

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You feel worthless. You feel hopeless. You get told you do everything wrong. That you aren’t good enough.

You don’t get cared for every day. You get ignored. You get yelled at. You are constantly in a fight.

Disagreements and not receiving attention have become the norm to you. You feel sadness. You get the short end of the stick. You put a halt on your daily life to please someone who couldn’t care less about you. You are getting abused.

There are days that are good, yes. But there are more bad days than good. Your friends don’t approve of the relationship. Your family even admits that they don’t like it. So why do you go back?

Close ones see it in your everyday activity. The way you act, react and handle situations. They can tell that you’ve been hurt and that you’re still hurting. Yet you still go back.

No one understands why you put yourself in this situation, but I just want to reassure you of your worth.

Your life should exemplify happiness. You should not feel held back by any means. You should be yourself.

You are worthy. Worthy of a healthy relationship. Worthy of happiness. Worthy of being accepted. Worthy of being loved unconditionally. Worthy of being loved for being yourself, not for being a slave to the demon. You are worth more than the feeling of wanting to die than to live.

NO. You come first. If you have not achieved happiness on your own, you should not be in a relationship hoping to reach it.

Happiness and knowing what you deserve is where you should begin. Stop going back to the abuse.

Establish a self-confidence that the relationship cannot destroy. Establish a self-esteem that makes you proud of who you are. Establish yourself as a person, what you believe in, your stance on certain aspects of life, and a routine that you enjoy.

Stop returning to the person who makes you feel less. Because you are more. Rise above it. It will be hard to break the chain of constantly having them there. But wouldn’t you much rather be on a pedestal than in the drain?

You can do it. Everyone has someone out there. But know that you deserve better than an unhealthy relationship. Seek in the right direction by starting with bettering yourself, and they will flock to you.

And you will experience the happiness you’ve been wanting and a life of unforgettable memories. It’s in your reach. Have faith in yourself.”

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Megan Sutton, a content writer for Odyssey, where this article originally appeared.

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