Dear Special Needs Parents: My Lonely Hands Are Stretched Out, Waiting For You To Take Them

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“Wanted: ‘That’ mom friend.

That friend who needs no explanation because our worlds twirl within the same circles.

The one who I can call at any hour of the night, because both of our families are wide awake anyhow.

The one who puts the same amount of miles on her car, from searching every store, for that specific package of fruit snacks, or brand of pizza, or shape of chicken nugget.

The mom friend who is fluent in a familiar list of prescribed children’s medications, and the tricks for getting them safely into the bellies of our littlest loves easiest, to help them.

Wanted: That mom friend who too puts her own doctor’s visits last, because the weekly schedule is already so filled.

That friend who sends you memes and powerful photos of familiar frustrations, and follows it up with ‘We got this,’ and ‘I’m always here.’

That friend who lovingly changes dirty pull-ups, and scrubs walls, just as we do, long after society deems those larger-sized products unnecessary to produce.

The friend who enjoys chats over coffee, both for its taste, and its ability to keep us (even half) as energetic as our kids.

The friend who gives that understanding nod and ‘eye roll’ with empathy faster than the story can be finished, and overcasts the heavy, uneducated opinions of others with her kindness.

That mom friend who loves my autistic, nonverbal, gorgeous son, just as she does her own, because that’s how close of friends we are, and because that’s what angelic humans just do.

If that’s you, if you’re that mom friend, I’ve been searching for you.

If that’s you, ‘We’ve got this,’ and I’m right here.

My lonely hands are out-stretched, just waiting for you to take them.

I catch a glimpse of this mythical mom friend’s shadow now and again, and then it slips away; washed out by the light.

So if you’re a mom friend, looking for her very best mom friend, her person… so am I.

I hope we can soon stop the looking, together.”

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