Watch Husband Surprise Wife With Frozen Heart He Carved With A Chainsaw

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“To say I am blessed with the BEST dad is an understatement. He is always loving unconditionally and showing over and over how a true man should be. Whether it is picking a wild bouquet of flowers while he has spent some time in the woods, or building and putting up a huge wind chime just because my mom saw one and said she loved it, he is always going above and beyond even when least expected.

My dad carved out a huge heart from the 5-inch thick ice for my mom to surprise her with it. They are so sweet.

This was no special occasion. It had been cold the past couple of days so my sister, dad, and I went to see the ice on the pond.

man leaning over with chain saw to cut through frozen body of water
Holly Fields

It was a cold day in a small town in Kentucky that provided an opportunity to go above and beyond to do something special to make my mom smile, even if that meant risking the ice cracking and being in the freezing cold water. That’s just the kind of love they have.

smiling man stands on wooden porch with large piece of ice in shape of a heart
Holly Fields

He carved the heart ice sculpture with his chainsaw.

Then he trimmed it up to make sure it was just right.

man with knife carves piece of ice resting on cooler into a heart next to his car with trunk open
Holly Fields

A love like theirs is what most people only dream of and I’m so lucky to have parents who show me 100 percent what relationship goals should be.”

husband stands next to wife smiling as they hold piece of ice shaped as a heart
Holly Fields

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