‘We need to teach kids perfect moms DON’T exist.’: Woman talks ‘roller coaster ride’ of motherhood, ‘We’re in this together’

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“Much like my hair in this picture, my life is wild and crazy and chaotic. There are moments that run about as smooth as the blonde streaks that are meticulously foiled into my hair every six weeks, but mostly, it’s like frequent gushes of wind that disrupt any sort of order that once existed.

Sometimes I handle it well and sometimes I don’t. I used to think I was a bad mom if I yelled, or if I didn’t fit myself into the perfect standard of what a good mom should be. But the truth is, that kind of mom doesn’t exist and I wish more moms could see this truth.

Sometimes I’m super patient and other times I shout so loud I’m positive it ricochets into the windows of our neighborhood.

Sometimes I spend intentional time with my kids and sometimes I deliberately rush them to bed so I can sit in peace with the lights off and a glass of wine in hand.

Sometimes I’m a Pinterest mom and come up with exciting projects to do with them and sometimes I let them glue themselves to their devices.

Sometimes I make delicious, picture worthy meals and sometimes I microwave dinners that are packed full of preservatives.

Sometimes I even throw a popsicle at my two-year-old at 9 in the morning to reserve my sanity for a few more hours.

Sometimes I think about how lucky I am to have my kids and sometimes I want to run away from them.

But when I do actually get time away from them, I miss my kids with every fiber woven into my being. And the guilt I feel about being away from them gnaws at my heart so much, I rarely leave them.

I’m not a perfect mom, but I am a good mom. Lean in and hear me when I say we simply cannot do it all and we cannot be it all. You can lose your cool and still be a good mom. You can microwave their dinners and still be a good mom.

In fact, I think you’re a great mom when you do all of these things because you’re human and we need to teach our kids perfect moms don’t exist; we make mistakes and we don’t have to live up to some society given standard to do all the things and be all the things.

Sisters, you can blow the rooftop off your house when you yell at your kids, but we need you to tell us when you do it so we know we’re not alone. Because we are on this roller coaster ride of motherhood together, okay?”

Courtesy of Amy Bowser

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