‘We noticed a man mowing the lawn outside an empty house. ‘Who lives there?’ In minutes, my husband was sharing his number in case they needed help.’: Woman praises husband for acts of kindness, ‘Find a man who loves people’

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“‘Find a man who calls you beautiful.’

‘Find a man who makes you laugh.’

‘Find a man who knows your favorite flowers.’

I’ve seen a lot of those types of posts. I’m not saying I disagree with all of them. It’s important to know your worth, and know you deserve to find someone who treats you well.

However, this weekend, I was reflecting on one of the main reasons why I love my husband so much. He is a wonderful husband, and he does so many great things for me. But one of the main reasons I love him is not how he treats me. It’s how he treats others.

I often say, ‘Everyone loves him.’ Some of it is because he loves a party and is almost always comfortable in a large group. But even if he were more quiet and reserved, I think people would still love him very much. He loves people. He serves people. He helps people. So people love him.

This weekend, our elderly neighbor lost his wife. Less than an hour later, my husband was organizing what food we could buy and drop off there so he had something to eat before his kids showed up on Monday. An hour after that, a man was mowing the lawn on the other side of our house. The house stands empty, so we haven’t learned much about who owns it. In minutes, my husband was outside introducing himself and sharing his phone number in case the man needs help with anything. Most people may just learn a name and that’s it, but people open up to him more than usual. He came back in after 10 minutes with not only the man’s name but a running history of most of the houses on our street and who lived here decades ago.

The wonderful thing about all of his connections is they often come full-circle. So many people will help us because of how much they love my husband. But that’s not why he does what he does. He simply loves people. He keeps in touch with everyone. He never hesitates to lend a hand or invite someone over. More than that, he acts the same around everyone and treats everyone the same way. He’s equally comfortable playing lawn games and drinking beer with our neighbor down the street as he is sitting with a friend in a large mansion on top of a mountain.

He works part-time as a bartender, and I used to think he only loved it because he likes the loud, fun environment. Instead, I think he loves it because he enjoys serving people, and in more ways than just serving them a drink. He likes to get to know them, serve them, help them, love them. The best part? He’s humble enough not to realize it himself.

So, while I watch my husband meet someone new, all I can think is, ‘Find a man who loves people.'”

Courtesy Hannah Medrano


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