‘Your cheeks are so red…grab concealer and cover that up.’ I would never say to my daughters the things I say to myself.’: Woman urges ‘you are worthy of kindness too’

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“Things I’ve said to myself that I would NEVER say to my daughters or to a friend:

‘Ugh, your hair is a mess. Why don’t you ever do anything with it? You could at least try.’
‘Your cheeks are so red…grab the concealer and cover that up.’
‘Man, you look tired. Like really TIRED. Don’t put that concealer away yet, cover those dark circles and crow’s feet while you’re at it.’

Things I would say to a friend:

Friend: ‘I look like a hot mess!
Me: ‘Oh please, you know there’s NO judgement here! Honestly, you always look great!’

Things I would say to my daughters:

‘You’re adorable.’
‘I LOVE your wild, messy curls.’
‘You’re perfect, you don’t need makeup.’
‘Are you sleepy? You look tired, you should get cozy and rest.’
‘I love you.’

Why do we speak to ourselves any differently than we would to the people we love the most in our lives?

My hair is a mess in the mornings because I’ve just woken up. It’s messy throughout the day because I’m busy, so busy, and the baby probably pulled it.

I look tired because three tiny humans need me SO much right now, and I’m there for them. Day and night.

Nothing is wrong with me. I’m still beautiful. I don’t need to cover everything up. I am worthy. I am loved.

If you catch yourself thinking ANY negative thoughts about yourself today—stop.

Take a deep breath, the deepest breath you’ve taken all day, and respond instead with all of the kind words you would give your loved ones. You are worthy and deserving of kindness too.”

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