‘An 80-year-old woman cracked her car window and explained, in tears, ‘We’re afraid to go in the store. We don’t have any family to help us.’: Woman urges ‘offer help to anyone you can’ during coronavirus hysteria

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“I went to the grocery store this afternoon.

As I was walking in, I heard a woman yell to me from her car.

I walked over and found an elderly woman and her husband.

She cracked her window open a bit more and explained to me, in tears, they were afraid to go in the store.

They were afraid to get sick, as they are in their 80’s, and heard the novel coronavirus is affecting older people disproportionately.

And they don’t have family around to help them out.

Through the crack in the window, she handed me a $100 bill and a grocery list, and asked if I would be willing to buy her groceries.

I bought the groceries and placed them in her trunk. Then I gave her back the change.

She told me she had been sitting in the car for nearly 45 minutes before I had arrived — waiting to ask the right person for help.

I know it’s a time of hysteria and nerves, but offer to help anyone you can.

Not everyone has people to turn to.”

Courtesy of Rebecca Mehra

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