‘Did we really have 100 babies? How did we? Did we do this for 22 years?’

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In 1995, a simple ask in an Iowa church altered the lives of Deb and Mike Schuring.

“The preacher’s daughter came up to us and asked if we would consider getting into foster care,” Deb told WHOTV

The next 22 years would prove to be miraculous for the 100 foster children who would join their family. That’s right, Mike is currently holding the family’s 100th foster child.

“Did we really have 100 babies? How did we? Did we do this for 22 years?” asked Deb.

After two of their own children were born, the Schuring family began doing newborn-only foster care. Because of lung issues, both of their children passed away within days. And so, the decision to foster began.

“We believe we understand the hearts of those who had trouble starting their families,” Deb said to WHOTV.

They live for the joy these experiences bring.

“On day three of getting no sleep I can barely lift my arms, and I hear him (Mike) get up in the middle of the night with a newborn. He’s walking the halls and singing to the baby, and I don’t ask, he just does it,” said Deb.

Deb said, “The norm is people whose hearts just really are committed to helping give these children a good start.”

Although 11 months is the longest the Schurings have had a foster child, the bond can last a lifetime.

“We’ve had families come from out of state who have moved on to bring their child back to see where they started out. We get invited to graduations and birthday parties, and we receive lots of Christmas cards,” Deb said.

The Schurings keep a photo album of all 100 kids and feel as if they are the ones who have been blessed.

Deb said, “It has brought us abundant joy and it has been good for our children.”

And now, the Schurings have become grandparents. They’ll begin to slow down on foster parenting so they can be there for their grandchild.


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