‘What do I wear to a job interview?’ ‘Am I overreacting?’ You get to ask your mom. I have to ask Google.’: Young woman loses mom to Stage 4 Cancer, ‘don’t take the little questions for granted’

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“The smallest thing I believe people who still have their moms take for granted is the ability to ask them anything, anytime. I mean the important questions, the little things and even the stupid ones.

There wasn’t a second when my mom was alive that I thought twice about asking my mom things I needed the answer to. It is something that seems so small when you have it, but so big and scary when you no longer have the option anymore.

Courtesy of Christie Lynn

I never realized how many things I would still need a mom to ask about, until the option wasn’t there anymore. There are so many things that I don’t feel comfortable asking any other woman in my life for the sole reason that they just aren’t my mom.

Therefore, I ask Google instead.

I constantly find myself looking things up online that years ago I would just be able to call or text my mom to get a quick answer to.

The worst part? Every time I find myself doing this the grief of missing my mom hits me hard all over again.

I find myself angry. I am angry that I am here asking a search engine a question that almost every one else in my life gets to just talk to their mom about.

And I mean the little things.

Courtesy of Christie Lynn

What color shoes can I wear with navy pants?

What do I wear for an interview?

Do my shoes look good with this outfit?

Am I handling something right in my relationship?

Am I overreacting?

Questions that I may kind of already know the answer to but I would love to be able to hear the answer from my mom.

There are so many things as time goes on that I am going to need my mom for. There are going to be more questions that need answers and more situations that would be more comfortable with the guidance of my mother.

This is going to be a void and an absence that I will deal with for the rest of my life.”

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Courtesy of Christie Lynn

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