‘Do you know her?’ He looks caught off guard. ‘No.’ He didn’t say a word to anyone.’: Mom thanks ‘quiet’ high school senior with ‘giant heart’ after humble act of kindness at school’s Secret Santa

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“Today I volunteered to help with Santa’s Secret Shop at the school, a little program where kids bring some money to school and shop for their parents and siblings. Each child gets paired up with a helper, mostly high school seniors. The seniors take them table to table, and help check off their lists and shop for their family.

There was one senior boy, Tim, among the girls this afternoon.

Courtesy of Erika Mills

The first kid he was paired with was a little boy, probably about 5 years old. He and the little boy had made it to my table and the boy picks up an $2 item, but only has one dollar left. Tim pulls out his wallet and quietly grabs a dollar and sticks it in the kid’s envelope. I assume it’s his little brother or a cousin or something and didn’t think much of it. But a few minutes later, he’s back at my table with another child, and the same thing happens.

Courtesy of Erika Mills
Courtesy of Erika Mills

He opens his wallet and stuffs a bunch of money into the girl’s envelope so she can get the things at the table she’s eyeing up. Every time a kid he’s paired with asks, ‘Can I get this?,’ the answer he gives is, ‘yes,’ no matter how much money the kid has.

By the third kid I finally had to ask, ‘Who is this kid to you? Do you know her?’ He looks caught off guard and responds, ‘No, I don’t know her.’ He’s like a deer in headlights when I ask, ‘So, you’re just helping all these kids? Just because?’ He just shrugs, opens his wallet again, and pays for the little girl’s items.

Courtesy of Erika Mills

He didn’t say a word to anyone about what he was doing, just quietly helping out child after child with their Christmas lists for their families. The kids didn’t even know, so they didn’t even have the chance to thank their secret Santa, so I wanted to share this little holiday story about Tim, the quiet senior boy with the giant heart.”

Courtesy of Erika Mills

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