I Lost My Breath The First Time I Held You, And Every Day Since Has Been A Blessing

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“Being a mama is holding you, for the first time, and losing my breath.

Being a mama is questioning every decision made.

Being a mama is loving so hard it leaves an ache in your heart.

Being a mama is knowing life is precious and butterfly kisses are powerful.

Being a mama is holding onto each word and memorizing your voice.

Being a mama is embracing today, holding onto the past, and longing for the future.

Being a mama is trying to soothe your soul as tears stream down your face.

Being a mama is investing it all for their future self.

Being a mama is not questioning, it is doing.

Being a mama is holding hands tightly knowing one day you will have other hands to hold.

Being a mama is having your heart broken over and over again.

Being a mama is joy filling your soul at the sound of your sweet laughter.

Being a mama is a quiet understanding that sleep will never be the same.

Being a mama is feeling overwhelmed while trying to be everything to everyone.

Being a mama is loving the simple moments while also silently waiting for nap time to get a short rest.

Being a mama is late-night snuggles singing lullabies in bed and one last kiss.

Being a mama is loving hard each day, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Being a mama is exhaustion taking over while mustering up every ounce to play another round of tag.

Being a mama is silently sacrificing the very last cookie.

Being a mama is loving you over and over again.

Being a mama is beautiful and brutal.

Being a mama is hugging you and feeling peace take over my soul.

Being a mama is unwavering love, unconditional support, and a never-ending need to feel your warmth.

Being a mama is a blessing each day not taken for granted.

Being a mama equals love.

So today, as my baby girl turns nineteen, I am beyond blessed to be her mama.”

new mom holding her new born baby girl
Courtesy of Ali Flynn

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