‘I cooked, I cleaned. I was a nurturing, good woman. Yet still, I was not enough for the wrong man.’: Woman urges ‘never settle for anything less than you deserve’

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“I cooked when I was asked. I cleaned dirty britches and dirty dishes, and everything in between.

I was supportive. I was patient. I was nurturing.

I was understanding. I was goal oriented. I was encouraging.

I was loving. I tried to look as pretty as I possibly could. I was forgiving.

I was an ear. I was a shoulder. I was a confident.

I was a believer. I was a fighter. I was adventurous.

I was thoughtful. I was loyal.

I would sacrifice myself and my mind…for love. Because I was human.

I was a friend. I was a lover. I was a woman.

I was a good woman.

Yet still…

I was not enough for the wrong man.

Do you hear me?

I was enough. I was more than enough.
But for the wrong man,
It did not matter.

Moral of the story? You may be the rib, but a rib cannot fit comfortably in a body it was not designed for.

Did you catch that?

Know your worth and never ever settle for less than you deserve. A woman who truly knows her value will only put up with nonsense for so long. Stop trying to find the right man and start working on yourself to be the right woman. Always trust God’s plan and His timing.”

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Courtesy of Laken Finney

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